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That’s me in the middle being captivated by Tatiana the baby tiger at the Toronto Booksellers Association Tradeshow.

As a skilled grammarian and wordsmith, I have a keen sense of accuracy and style. Through writing, editing, teaching English communications at the college level, developing curriculum and marking mounds of papers, I also have excellent command of language and an eye for spotting vagaries and inconsistencies.

I’m flexible and adjust quickly to new environments and have a passion for writing, editing, teaching, learning new skills and meeting people — and I can write to word and deadline practically in my sleep!

What are my weaknesses? Dining out; a good cuppa Joe; a perfect pot of tea; hot-buttered scones with Devon cream and Damson plum jam; the challenge of conjuring up catchy captions and pulling all-nighters pouring over persnickety prose; relaxing with a riveting page-turner…

Adopt me, feed me and put me to work writing, editing, researching, teaching, or in cultural arts and heritage. Sweeten the pie with kind and encouraging words and I may never leave.


Written by barbaramackellar

May 27, 2012 at 8:28 pm

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